Vision-impaired people could use social networks. This is true and we are happy for pointing it out.  Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have made it so much easier to connect with people, share your thoughts, your experiences, to be updated and to learn. Social networks help you tell the world who you are and what you do. 

Businesses also use social networks to help define who they are and what they do. It’s called branding, and increasingly, individuals are using social networks to create and maintain their own personal brands, and use those brands to gather a following, publicize their various projects, and even to find a great new job. As social networks become an increasingly important part of our lives, here at Project Ray we are determined that the vision-impaired enjoy equal access. The fact that you have limited vision should not limit you from becoming popular on Facebook, sharing photos on Instagram, and participating on Twitter, WhatsApp, and Linkedin)

How could Project Ray assist vision-impaired to use social networking for their own branding process?

Project Ray successfully combines the benefits of accessible smartphones and the reach and power of social networking. Ray Vision-equipped smartphones can help you become an active participant in the online social world. If you think your vision loss will exclude you from keeping in touch with friends and family, discussing popular events and sharing your own experiences, think again. Operated by touch, voice recognition, sounds, and haptic interactions,  Ray mobile devices can enable you to become an active participant in the various social platforms.  Ray smartphones feature touchable buttons that help you to upload photos, posting updates and sending invitations to friends. Its handy camera make it easy to snap a great photo of that delicious meal or incredible mountain vista and share it on Facebook or Instagram—show people than even though he don’t have perfect vision, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying an exciting, “postable” life.


With the ability to more effectively interact with others on your favorite social network, it’s easy to expand your circle of friends, and maybe even develop a relationship with a new special someone-just like everyone else! For example, did you know there is a Facebook group for visually impaired singles?  

Looking for a new job? Ray Vision accessibility makes it easy to promote yourself on Linkedin—most employers first stop when they’re ready to hire.

The message is clear. There are many reasons to build your personal brand using social media, and Project Ray makes it easy to experience the social networks, no matter what your level of vision. So go ahead. Be popular! Share your stories, your life, and your happiness.

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