The First Smartphone Specially Developed for the Blind & Visually Impaired

The blind and visually impaired now also enjoy greater independence, spontaneity and accessibility to valuable daily services that we all take for granted in today’s smartphone world.This affordable, integrated device replaces multiple expensive and complex accessories required for essential communication, orientation, daily routine tasks, entertainment and more.RAY is the world’s only smartphone developed specially for the blind, from its unique
operating system & eye-free operation to specialized built-in apps and content featuring:

• Multiple built-in communication services within one powerful device
• Advanced communication and lifestyle services
• One common, simple user interface across all system functions, applications and services
• Unique operating system and user interface specially developed for eye-free operation

Features and Capabilities
• Eye-free user interface
• Touch-screen input using finger gestures
• One-hand operation
• Homogeneous interfaces across all system functions
• Single gesture access to frequently used functions
• Image ID & Usage
• Color recognition
• Banknote identification
• Remote transcription of images from camera
• Over the WEB remote assistance
• Automatic backup and restore of all system functions
• Web management of device features
• Remote identification and device discovery
• Telephony services
• Making and receiving calls
• Dialing numbers from your contacts list
• Complete call history
• Audio incoming call names, numbers
• SMS and messaging
• Making and receiving text messages
• Reading text messages using TTS (text to speech)
• Contact list services
• Quick access to favorite numbers
• Contact management from RAY device or website
• Book / Magazine subscription & services
• Direct connection to online library services
• Immediate downloading of audio content
• Reading audio content with speed control
• Full mobile service (U.S. only)
• Complete communication package with mobile carrier SIM
• Voice, text & internet packages for every budget
• Customized eye-free setup & service
• Provided by Odin Mobile (MVNO over TMobile)
Additional services
• GPS location reader
• Voice recorder
• Clock & alarm clock
• Online schedule synced to WEB
• Panic & emergency services
• Complete access to Android system functions

The RAY smartphone is now available for sale direct from Project Ray (Paypal), eBay,
Amazon and Indiegogo, and in the U.S. from July via Odin Mobile with a full voice, text &
email SIM and communication service.

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