Project RAY, LLC, announced the election of Patrick Olsen as President and CEO at their main headquarters in Hartford in early October. We are also announcing that operations have formally begun in the State of Connecticut. Our first successful meeting was with Connecticut Tech Act Project Director Arlene Lugo and the amazing Tech Act partners in our new facility.
Project RAY has patented an “eyes-free” graphic user interface for all Android™ smartphones. This unique system allows low vision, blind, or elderly Americans to use any Android™ smartphone in under 15 minutes, with little or no initial training. (Please note: Does not run on iOS, at present.)

Mr. Olsen is a welcome addition to our U.S. team as he is legally blind himself and intuitively
understands the needs and accessibility issues that come with being blind, low vision, or elderly in the U.S. in 2018.
“Project RAY built this phone just for us!” he exclaims. “Finally, a real Android™ smartphone
that works for us.”
Currently, there are more than 10,000 worldwide active users of the Ray Vision™ and Ray Click™ interface, and another 285 million potential users are getting the word.

Here’s what one of the Tech Act Partners had to say about Project Ray: “I think that Project Ray is a wonderful new tool for users with blindness or low vision. It offers us another avenue in the world of technology. It is true that there are other devices available to us, but, Project Ray offers a simple, user-friendly interface that will help people who have struggled with other interfaces in the past.” – Steve Famiglietti, Blind Services Vocational Manager, Oak Hill NEAT Center.

For more information or to speak with marketing, sales or distribution, please contact Project RAY LLC at or 203-274-6401. You can also learn more by stopping by the Project Ray exhibitors table at our March Conference.
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