Project Ray is changing the concept of the digital accessibility for the blind and vision impaired. All modesty aside, we knew this from day one.-The day we started working for the Central Library for the blind in 2013 as a pro-bono assistance. At that time, we identified the need and the advantages of helping vision-impaired seniors access smartphones and other digital services. As we witness the daily release of new and innovative mobile applications and devices, we feel we have uncovered a market segment that has not been effectively addressed and we have turned our focus to this lack of easy-to-operate smartphones and digital services for the blind and vision impaired.  


Extreme Tech challenge 2018 brought with it an increased awareness of accessibility solutions for the vision-impaired community.

As a growing startup, we were extremely grateful for the opportunity to take part in such an influential event. We were pleased to be highlighted for our accomplishments in this growing field. We had the opportunity to meet and interact with experts from a wide range of companies with innovative products, and we would like to thank Sir. Richard Branson for his work attracting such amazing, ground breaking startups with innovative ideas that will change the way we think about mobile accessibility.

We were honored to receive the event’s Social Venture award, which sent us to CES—the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas. There we are proud to say we were selected as one of four CES accessibility prize winners, along with Lili SmartSignAllSofiHub, and Unaliwear. We view this award as a welcome confirmation of the value the industry places on our work and products.

Our win of the “Accessibility Innovation Award” by the CTA inspires us on our journey to improve the lives of the blind and vision-impaired.

As a participant CES 2018, we highlighted the technology and digital services of the vision-impaired-needs which we feel have not been sufficiently addressed to date. During the event we both presented our Ray Vision solution and worked toward increased awareness of figures and statistics reported by the National Federation of the blind in the U.S. That there are 10 million blind individuals in the U.S. alone speaks volumes about the potential markets we hope to address. Our team continues to work hard to improve our product and we are grateful for this recognition at CES expo 2018 organized by CTA FOUNDATION.  We are especially grateful because the Foundation’s vision aligns so well with our own-assisting people with special needs to use and enjoy today’s technology with the same independence and confidence as their friends and families.

Winner of “Innovations in Accessibility” award by CTA. How great does this sound! The feeling is priceless. And it becomes even more priceless with every new smile that appears on the face of another vision-impaired person. This is the reason for who we are.

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