Born in New York City in 1960 his family moved to Rye, New York in the mid 60’s where he received a complete classical education.

He excelled in linguistics, martial arts, music and mathematics. His understanding and appreciations of US corporate systems and procedures gave way to immediate employment as a contract consultant as early as 1985 in New York.

In the 1990’s he joined a small family owned publishing unit working with various cultural arts centers and classical music broadcasting corporations as a National Sales Manager. He netted the little startup company over $1,000,000.00 (US) in sales in less than 14 months.(His first sales position ever!)

In fact, Mr. Olsen went on to own the company. His later successes included a Regional Sales Management position in an International Furniture manufacturers New England division in which he made over $1,000,000.00 in sales in less than 7 months. Mr. Olsen is a member of no less than 3 multimillion dollar round tables in the US; in totally unrelated industries. He was declared legally blind Christmas of 2014. He has 4 daughters and enjoys raising prize roses and playing blues guitar. He began the national campaign for Project RAY LLC in the 5 state region of New England in late May of 2018 and he expects total US coverage by March of 2019.

Patrick J. Olsen
General Manager for North America Operations
(860)718-6831 (mobile)

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