Despite daily exposure to the world and all its problems, thanks to the digital expansion, we can’t deny that many digital services can help us feel safe and protect us and our families from various dangerous situations. 

Quick and easy access to mobile phones enables us to prevent some of this unpleasantness by reaching out to the authorities in an emergency. Never forget to keep your eyes open when you cross the street, however, and be careful to avoid bumping into fellow pedestrians or other situations that might result in a sudden altercation. Sometimes a simple shopping trip to a grocery store might turn into a shouting match with the person standing next to you in the checkout line.

If you are a driver, you should be focusing 100% of your attention on driving at all times –which means no multi-tasking. Nevertheless—and We are not proud to admit this–at some point, we all behave recklessly and become distracted during the critical task of being a driver. 


RayGo lets you safely enjoy your favorite apps such as  Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail and Skype while driving or biking.

If you have a close friend or a family member with a visual impairment, the need of reaching the biggest level of protection it’s a MUST. The world’s first easy-free smartphone enables seniors and people with visual impairment to have the safety factor under control. 

RAY is capable of more than twenty applications that uses voice input and output to keep your eyes free and increase your safety while out and about, including:

  • Telephone with speed dial 
  • History of calls 
  • Contact lists 
  • Calendar 
  • Clock 
  • Voice SMS 
  • Location services
  • Public Transportation information and schedules 
  • Emergency services

If you have a close friend or family member who is elderly, is vision impaired, or both, above all, you want him or her to stay safe. Project RAY and its easy – free smartphone enables them to do just that

According to various studies, approximately 60% of the population suffers from anxiety – an irrational fear that something bad will happen and we will be helpless to avoid it. We were not put here on this world to be constantly anxious and afraid. We are meant to be healthy and positive since we are the creatures that can manage our own brains like a car wheel—choosing the direction and the speed we wish to travel. How many times have you met someone with all the benefits of perfect health and abilities to enjoy a rich life, only there is no happiness, only anxiety and dissatisfaction? You’ve also met people who have overcome many challenges and have nonetheless learned to enjoy life to its fullest. In our travels we often meet people with vision impairment who have met their challenges and succeeded in creating unconditionally happy and fulfilling lives. According to Joseph Murphy: “Everything depends on the power of your subconscious mind.” So…


  • Get mental stimulation
  • Work-out
  • Improve your blood pressure
  • Improve your  blood sugar
  • Improve your cholesterol
  • Limit alcohol
  • Recognize and nurture your emotions
  • Maintain strong connections with your friend
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