Spring is officially here. Our favorite season always brings with it a raft of good feelings and positive vibes, and makes us all the more eager for new experiences, new stories, new growth and adventure. Spring has always been that special time of the year that inspires us to embrace life and view the world through rose-colored glasses. It’s not always easy, but spring gives us wings to soar to our greatest potential and self-actualization.


This spring be sure to take care of yourself. 

Springtime. There’s no other season that can so magically motivate you to become the best you possible. Now that the holiday stress and cold weather are behind you, it’s time to set aside those unrealistic new year’s resolutions and expectations, and remind yourself that at the end of the day, the thing that matters most is YOU. 

Sometimes we have to let go of what’s holding us back in order to reach out and grasp our dreams. Let things happen naturally–If you’re doing what you love, only then can you become truly committed to yourself, rather than someone who wastes their life achieving one arbitrary goal after another. 

Instead of seeking your one perfect match, try focusing on becoming a perfect match for someone else. Pursue a hobby, work out, read books and make time for life’s little joys and pleasures. 

Instead of insisting on snagging your dream job, focused on those things that make you a better candidate in your chosen field. Turn constant self-improvement into Goal Number One. Develop new skills while constantly evaluating your current skill set for both strengths and weaknesses. Unleash your true potential, and use it to launch yourself into the stratosphere!

Relax, take a deep breath, simplify your life, and when you least expect it, a miracle will happen.


And when that miracle happens be grateful. Always appreciate what you have. 

These days, when stress is unavoidable, it’s essential to become mentally and physically fit. Stay optimistic — appreciate your life, count your blessings…and always smile. As one of the CSUN assistive technology conference exhibitors, we heard many stories that made it impossible for us to become pessimistic. We heard from people who manage to succeed in life, relationships and careers despite their impairments. We celebrated those individuals—and there were so many–who know how to get the very most out of life, and know how to appreciate and cherish every breath they take! Follow us in choosing to let those people be our heroes and follow in their footsteps!

Take time to contemplate your many blessings, and when you find yourself complaining about something petty, take a few minutes out of your day to read an inspirational story, watch a movie based on a true-life tale, listen to the music that inspires you and makes you feel grateful to be alive!


Spend quality time

Put away your phone and computer for a while and spend a few hours enjoying nature with a good friend or two. Instead of using social networks to maintain friendships, take the initiative to organize a face-to-face encounter at a nearby park, theater, or restaurant. Enjoy deep conversations that will help strengthen the connection between your heart, mind and soul.

Project Ray solutions are always an excellent choice for connections without barriers.

This spring take your grandparents—or grandchildren–and spend happy moments with them. Let them choose a new place they’d like to visit and explore.  Our Ray Vision application enables easy internet access so you can get all the information you need to make yours an adventure to remember.

Spend time sharing an interesting book whit people you love who have vision impairments. It’s easy with our Ray integration with audio libraries.

Stave off workout boredom by switching your routines so you get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. You can share this healthful experience with people you love, no matter their visual impairment, thanks to RAY Vision’s ability to track many audio exercises.

So go ahead–enjoy life! It’s Spring!

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