Project Ray has received funding from the EU Research and Innovative Programme-Horizon 2020.

Project Ray has received funding from EU research and Innovative programmeHorizon 2020. We believe that this programme will help us to attract potential partners and draw the attention of national governments, regional authorities and other public and private funding. As an innovative company, we have profound understanding of the  valuable impact of accessible technology on the lives of the visually impaired. We believe our participation in Horizon 2020 will bring us further breakthroughs and additional partnerships.  We embrace this exceptional opportunity to demonstrate the innovative work we have accomplished thus far, and our goal to drive further economic growth and to help to create more jobs for persons with vision impairment who live in EU.  Upcoming goals include promoting our project with additional, interactive communications to our current and potential stakeholders. Here at Project Ray we feel it is essential to enable our clients to keep up with the latest developments and advancements.



Horizon 2020 promises more discoveries.

Horizon 2020 has a simple structure that reduces the red tape and time delays, which will enable us to focus on what is truly important. This approach helps ensure our projects get off the ground quickly and are noticed faster by important mobile carriers–enhancing our reputation and visibility on local, national and international levels.

As Hector Minto from Microsoft said at Zero Project Conference 2018, “Project Ray has the potential to stand out in the crowd.”

We are proud and grateful to have received this funding from EU Research and Innovative Programme-Horizon 2020. This ambitious international programme will help us to stand out in the crowd. Thank you!



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