Doubtless you are already familiar with CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.  So, our question is: Have you visited California in the Spring?  There are many reasons to do this, but here at Project Ray there is only one important reason -to attend the  International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities, hosted by California State University.  

Two weeks ago, we were in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2018 as one of the nominees in the category for Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion. Before that, we attended Vienna’s the  Zero Conference 2018 where we were honored to be on the receiving end of complimentary remarks praising our hard work from Microsoft Accessibility Expert, Hector Minto.  In less than two weeks, we will be traveling to San Diego, California as one of the CSUN Exhibitors. 


CSUN is an annual gathering of Disabilities Experts.

The 33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference begins on March 19 and ends on March 23, 2018.  The conference is world-renown for its dedication to different disability communities, and we look forward to taking advantage of this gathering as an invaluable opportunity to introduce ourselves to providers of high-quality assistive devices, OCR technologies, mobile computing solutions and adaptive technology training and consulting services providers. As a company offering accessible telecommunication services, devices and customer support,  Project Ray is eager to demonstrate how our unique combination of equipment and software which can provide the blind, dyslexic and other print-impaired individuals the accessibility they need to succeed. 

At Project Ray we strive to think out of the box and be the best in accessible and affordable innovations for the vision-impaired. Toward that end we will be launching two exciting new products at the CSUN conference. At Project Ray we are always inspired by new innovations that improve the lives of people with disabilities. We look forward to learning about all of the new developments and breakthroughs in this arena, along with the opportunity to share Project Ray’s two new products that represent our ongoing commitment to connection without barriers.

Every year CSUN hosts the world’s largest collection of tech companies from around the globe, presenting the latest and greatest technologies designed to assist people with disabilities. We can’t wait to being inspired by stories that put smiles on our faces, stories that can change our lives. We look forward to hearing how new technology solutions can help students achieve and succeed. We want to learn more about giving voice to individuals who are unable to use their own. We want to learn all we can about self-employment options for individuals with disabilities.

A treasure-trove of information is ready to be shared and experienced during the CSUN conference.

Let the countdown begin!

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