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Social Accessibility For the Visually Impaired and Tech Challenged.
Get The Most Out Of Smartphone Technology!

Project Ray Empowers Users

Smartphones are supposed to be liberating, bringing the wonders of communication, community, and advanced technology to billions, worldwide.  Living with visual impairment and the challenges of actually using smartphones should never limit your ability to join that global community of family and friends.
But, tactile devices have all but disappeared from the market in favor of flat touch screens, and graphical user interfaces put vision and images up-front. Making it extremely challenging for the visually impaired, to master the use of the technology and benefit from the advantages of digital connectivity.

Project Ray bridges this technological gap to deliver all the benefits of the smartphone revolution to the visually impaired community. The Ray Vision app, coupled with our patented Ray Click technology, is a specially designed user experience that provides visually impaired individuals with full accessibility, instantly for any touch device.

Project Ray: Freedom, Mobility. Community.

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Accessibility For All

Today’s global smartphone community boasts over 2 billion active users. While this number in itself is impressive, that still leaves hundreds of millions on the outside looking in. The question on some of the brightest tech minds throughout the world is SIMPLE:
How do we remove the barriers from current smartphone technology?

Project Ray has specifically focused on empowering the 280 million visually impaired individuals around the world who have yet to join the smartphone community. Proven and loved by tens of thousands of users already, the Ray Vision App is an intuitive, adaptable, and tactile platform that provides smartphone accessibility to the visually impaired.

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