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The best mobile tools designed especially for the visually impaired and blind

Mobile phones for blind and visually impaired people.

RAY provides a solution based on a proprietary dedicated technology specially designed to facilitate the operation of common smartphones by blind and visually-impaired people, allowing them to effectively use off-the-shelf smartphones as part of their day-to-day lives. RAY’s unique interface and human-machine interaction concepts, designed and patented by Project Ray, use a tactile add-on, touch, sound, speech recognition, and haptic feedback to enable visually impaired predictable and simple operation of digital devices. The product main feature is a simple, unified user interface that is automatically imposed across all system functions, applications and services, using only two types of interactive functions working as an overlay on top of existing mobile applications. Ray phone brings the benefits of smartphone technology into the hands of visually impaired, providing advanced services such as: voice calls, messaging, social interaction, calendar services, navigation, voice recording, emergency services, audio books libraries, color identification, pictures transcript, remote visual identification and remote support.