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RAY M360 – Introducing World’s First Smartwatch Specially Designed for the Blind

Gain vision free access to your Android Smartphone without touching it by leveraging the power of technology, seamlessly packed into this tiny tech wonder.

Unleash the power of “never seen before” vision free accessibility features.

Cohesive eye free interface with features like heart beat monitoring, remote assistance, voice based navigation, are some of many features that will knock your socks off.

Be the First Owner or Send it as a Gift – Pre Order Now

Being one of the very first owners or gifting it to your loved ones to experience the true power of this man-made tech wonder is such a gratifying feeling. Pre order it now to experience your Android device in a whole new way.

Ray M360



Dreams do come true, including the dream of being able to control your android device without even touching it.

This phenomenal timepiece has some real power under its hood. In addition to controlling your Android device via the RAY interface, the Ray M360 features a pedometer and a heart rate monitor to allow users to easily track health and fitness stats. All of this is possible while keeping your hands free and available for whatever other tasks are at hand.
Reach out today and see what else the RAY M360 can do for you!

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Accessible User Interface

RAY’s accessible touch screen interface is easy to use with our patented "touch, slide, and lift" method. Our interface is uniform across all functions and allows for one-hand operation. Use a single gesture to access frequently used applications.
Voice commands using speech recognition are also available.

Remote assistance

Our promise - you will never be left in the dark.
RAY’s remote assist technology enables users to get 24/7 support over the Internet from family members and from our support team.
This includes control on: all system settings, media and information stored, remote navigation assistance, remote visual identification, and find my device services.

TAG identifier

Program our tag reader with unique labels to identify NFC tags on special objects.

Media center

Access our powerful media functions including audio books, music center, podcast server, and Internet radio. All can be configured and downloaded remotely to your device from our web interface. We provide access to publicly available online audio book libraries.


Access our premium GPS navigator that includes 'where am I’ and 'what’s around me' functions and step-by-step guided directions.


Telephone and contact list management including voice recognition dial by name using; 7 quick-dial numbers and a list of favorite numbers and history of calls.
Contact information can be edited online by family members and support professionals.


Send and receive SMS messages and emails!
Read text messages using TTS (text to speech) technologies and answer with a range of keyboard options that are available on the Android Play store or by speech dictation.

Recording and Scheduling

Access your schedule and record messages at any time with the touch of a button.
The Scheduler application allows the remote setting of appointments and alarms.

Visual identifications

Color and currency identification. Visual remote assistance where users may open the video camera to a professional staff member.


OS: Android Wear™
Display: 1.56 inch
Res.: 320 * 290 pixels; 16m colors; 205ppi
Memory: 4.5GB
Sensors: Pedometer, Optical heart rate monitor (PPG)
Water resistance: IP67
Battery: 320mAh (All day mixed use)
Charging: Wireless charging with included dock


Please call or eMail at any time and explore our extensive support section.
And remember the full set of remote assistance capabilities available to you and your family member so you will never stay in the dark.

Top Questions

Do I need a smartphone to operate with RAY M360?

Indeed! An Android device is needed which you would wireless operate via RAY M360.

Latest Update: 2014-12-13T23:11:15+00:00

Is RAY M360 Compatible with any Device?

RAY M360 is compatible with Android Devices running OS Version 4.3 or higher.

Latest Update: 2014-12-13T23:11:15+00:00

Will I be Charged When Pre-Ordering?

Not at all. Your Billing info is only used to confirm your pre order. You will only be billed once the device becomes available and ready to be shipped.

Latest Update: 2014-12-13T23:11:15+00:00