Introducing the world’s first adhesive tags that
instantly add tactile button to your smart device.

Gain fast, easy and intuitive access to RAY VISION
application using physical, tactile buttons!
Working on your own smartphone and touch
devices using touch and tactile keys.

Ray Click nfc



Your RAY device just got a lot faster!
RAY CLICK is a set of attachable, tactile keys that work with the RAY VISION app.

RAY CLICK provides simple, one-click physical access to the features you need most. When used with the RAY VISION App, they will help you get the most out of any Android device.

How it Works: Simply attach the RAY CLICK adhesive sticker to the back of your phone and configure it to work with RAY VISION app. RAY CLICK, can be set to operate a pre-set application or to perform a specific action.
A set of two tags, with four physical keys, come pre-configured to:
1. Search up a list
2. Search down a list
3. Select an item (enter)
4. Go back one level
This layout is sufficient to operate any aspect of RAY VISION and enable complete control over the entire system.


NFC tags

Adhesive NFC tags you can program to launch any action or app on your device.

Full customization

Easily select the features you want to access using RAY Click, and change them again at any time.

Accessible User Interface

RAY’s accessible touch screen interface is easy to use with our patented "touch, slide, and lift" method. Our interface is uniform across all functions and allows for one-hand operation. Use a single gesture to access frequently used applications. Voice commands using speech recognition is also available. Voice commands using speech recognition is available for certain functions.

Media center

Access our powerful media functions including audio books, music center, podcast server, and Internet radio.


Access navigation solutions based on GPS data including 'where am I' function, 'what around me' information and step-by-step guided navigation


Launch your phone and contact list! Our application includes a dial by name feature based on voice recognition.


Making and receiving SMS messages and eMail.
Reading of text messages using TTS (text to speech) technologies.
Answer to text with a range of keyboard options that are available on Android Play store or by speech dictation.

Recording and Scheduling

Access your schedule and record messages at any time with the touch of a button. The Scheduler application allows the remote setting of appointments and alarms.

Remote assistance

Our promise - you will never be left in the dark.
RAY’s remote assist technology enables users to get 24/7 support over the Internet from family members and from our support team.
This includes control on: all system settings, media and information stored, remote navigation assistance, remote visual identification, and find my device services.


Robert F.

Robert F.

I stick it on the back of an old Nexus phone and gave it to my grandma.
It is a miracle, she felt comfortable with it and immediately trade it from her old Doro phone



Please call or eMail at any time and explore our extensive support section.
And remember the full set of remote assistance capabilities available to you and your family member so you will never stay in the dark.

Top Questions

What is the return policy for RAY devices?

If you are not happy with your RAY device and wish to return it, in its original package and undamaged, you may do so within 30 days. Products sold on this Website are subject to a 20% restocking fee and shipping back is paid by the buyer. All returned products must be accompanied by an authorized RMA number one can get by email from ussupport@project-ray.com.

Latest Update: 2018-11-01T05:22:37+00:00

What smartphones can support the RAY Click

RAY Click is based on NFC technology and your Android device should support this standard.

Latest Update: 2018-10-02T05:22:37+00:00

What functions are supported by clicking the tactile key?

You can configure RAY Click to enter you to a specific RAY application like the RAY HOME screen.

Latest Update: 2017-12-02T05:22:37+00:00

What operations are supported by clicking the tactile key?

You can configure RAY Click to perform one of four actions including key-up; key-down; enter; and back. Those four operations can help you navigate across all RAY system with tactile keys.

Latest Update: 2017-12-02T05:22:37+00:00

How many Ray Click can I fit on my device?

We recommend getting 2 RAY click units to enable support for the four operations that enables full tactile control over your RAY system.

Latest Update: 2017-12-02T05:22:37+00:00