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RAY VISION – Your Key to Vision Free Communications

Connecting, Communicating and Socializing just got easier. Leverage the power of RAY VISION that lets you manage your smartphone with simple gestures, tactile buttons, voice recognition and sound.

One Hand Operation – Voice and Touch is All You Need.

The seamless one hand operation that let’s you do everything on your android device with just your voice and touch.‏

Run it on Your Android Device at the Blink of an Eye

It really takes just under two minutes before you could leverage the full power of the RAY VISION. Install it at the blink of an eye and see it in action in no time.‏

Ray VISION Application

Free for 30 days; $5 a month in-app purchase.


Leveraging the most cutting edge mobile and cloud technologies to help the visually impaired communicate in the most simple, innovative and efficient way; Boost independence and overcome accessibility barriers.

RAY VISION changes the way you use, see and feel your Android device.
It’s eye-free interface is extremely easy to learn, practice and use.
It’s unique User Interface gives you a seamless eye free operation with the help of simple gestures, tactile touch, voice recognition and sound.

Replacing the traditional click interaction to directional swipes on the screen makes usability of this app easy to understand and stress-free. Changing the appearance of the screen to high contrast is yet another feature that comes with your RAY VISION.

It’s revolutionary “over the WEB” remote assistance is another jewel to it’s crown that provide functions like remote visual assistance,  remote navigation, content setting and device discovery.

There are tons of other features up its sleeve such as:
One hand operation, text to speech, voice operated speed dial, messaging services, call history, contact list, calendar, clock, voice SMS, social messaging, easy to use WhatsApp application, visual recognition, OCR capabilities and a lot more.

Get your RAY VISION application today from the Google Play Store and see the world in the whole new way.


RAY click

Superior eye-free control with tactile keys and physical interface - when configured to work with RAY click adhesive tags attached in a combination of four keys to the back of your smart device.

Full Set of RAY Features

This software only version is available for any Android device with OS version 5.0 and above. It provides the exact same features as our hardware based solutions except the differences listed below -

Physical Help Button

This version does not add RAY overlay menu when pressing on the power key.
In our hardware version, pressing of the power key enables one click access to frequently used functions.

Remote Assistance

The remote support doesn't include remote configuration and setting of system functions.
Our promise - you will never be left in the dark.
RAY powerful set of remote assistance enables users to get anytime, anywhere support over the Internet from family members.

TAG Identifier

This feature is available on devices with NFC reading capabilities.
A reader for adhesive NFC tags you can program with unique labels to identify special objects like medicines, boxes and such

SPECIAL - remote visual assistance.
SPECIAL - remote visual assistance.

Get help anywhere, anytime over the Internet from a family member or RAY support center.

Caregivers can change your device setting and content over the web.
And use a separate mobile app to provide interactive visual assistance over the net.


Wendy Carson

Wendy Carson

I came across this product by accident.
Shame that not so many people knows how helpful it can be.

Timmothy Yakes

Timmothy Yakes

A great tool for my grandparents.
The first WhatsApp message my grandmother sent me was a true triumph and a moment of joy to remember.

Oleg S.

Oleg S.

A great product which helps me become independent



Cool App.
Tried it and install on my grandmother phone and now I can help her at any time

Nicole Frazier

Nicole Frazier

Easy to use.
15 minutes and my father learned how to use a touch screen for the first time in his life.



Get the application go to Google Play Store and install  it on your own Android device.

Email us at with any question or issue.

Top Questions

On which device does this app work?

RAY VISION works on any Android device ( including tablets) with Android OS version 5.0 and above.‏

Latest Update: 2017-11-26T22:35:31+00:00

How can I get the standard Android control keys?

Swipe a finger from the top of the page to reveal the standard Android keys (Back, Home) and notification area.

Latest Update: 2016-11-26T22:35:31+00:00

What else can be done with this app?

The real question should be what you can’t do with this app. Tasks like scheduling, accessing libraries of audio books, identifying colors, recognizing currency and a lot lot more.‏

Latest Update: 2015-10-10T22:35:31+00:00

How do I set my media resources

To register your specific list of favorite media resources including libraries for magazines and audio books, podcast sources, Internet radio stations and music - login to your personal page from the LOGIN link on the top of the pages and use your credentials sent to you by email.

Latest Update: 2015-11-25T22:35:31+00:00

What’s your refund policy?

Try it free for 30 full days with all features and capabilities. You can than continue your subscription at the costs of $5 a months as long as you find it useful and empowering. Cancellation of your monthly subscription is instantaneous and done using Google Play Store services.
We appreciate getting your comments and suggestions by email to so we can improve our services.‏

Latest Update: 2016-06-01T22:35:31+00:00

What is the other APP in the store - RAY VISION LAUNCHER

RAY LAUNCHER is a simple app that calls the main RAY VISION app. It should be used when you want to call RAY from a specific setting items that may be de-listed from the setting menu during software update.

Latest Update: 2106-12-12T22:35:31+00:00