About Project Ray


RAY’s solutions for the blind, visually impaired, people who are dyslectic, and people with cognitive difficulties, offer unique new mobility solution using cell phones, smartphones, touch devices and connected digital tools.

The Smartphone era – driven by device manufacturers, software and application developers – has brought users worldwide, affordable, advanced communication with access to information and services like never before.

In 2015, Project RAY set out to bring these same lifestyle improvements to the blind and visually impaired, within a single affordable smartphone device tailored from the ground up for the unique needs of eye-free operation, simplicity of interaction, and common interface across  any system function – from the operating system to the user interface and specialized content and services.

We believe that adapting existing smartphones with special features wasn’t enough to provide real independence, advanced communication and services to the worldwide community of bind and visually impaired people. We also realized that the multiple devices and services the average visually impaired person needed to benefit from modern mobile technology was overwhelming in both budget and the sheer range of user interfaces each individual needed to learn.

RAY technology is different in its core, due to its affordability and its simplicity of use. It is uniquely tailored to the needs of a growing market segment within the visually impaired community – that of elderly users – and therefore it provides a unique solution to 75% of the visually impaired community. RAY products has been successfully tested and sold to real users around the world through partnerships with local mobile operators. It has been supported to date by the Israeli Chief Scientist office, and global market-leaders as Qualcomm, Microsoft and Google.

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